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Dr. Bryan White, MD of Hospice

Dr. Bryan White, MD of Hospice Institutes Antidepressant Reduction Protocol for Elderly Patients

Overseeing care at a number of Hospice facilities across Texas, Dr. Bryan White, MD has helped deliver unparalleled care and specialized services to patients and families for decades. In recent years, he’s proposed and instituted a dosage reduction protocol on antidepressant medications for elderly patients at his Hospice and Hospice Plus locations. Dr. Bryan White, MD of […]

Bryan White of Dallas

Medical Director Bryan White of Dallas Has Overseen Care at Cedar Hill Nursing Home for 20 Years

Much of the exceptional care delivered at Cedar Hill Nursing Home is credited to Medical Director Bryan White of Dallas who implements process improvements and ensures an individualized approach to care for all residents. He’s served in this position for twenty years now during which he’s made tremendous improvements that help the facility stand out […]

Dr. Bryan White MD

Dr. Bryan White MD Takes on the Medical Director Position for the Ennis Care Center in Texas

A medical professional providing state-of-the-art care to patients in the Dallas area, Dr. Bryan White MD has developed a reputation for delivering personalized healthcare and enacting dosage reduction protocols across the state. To maximize the output and capabilities of Ennis Care Center in Texas, he’s recently stepped in as the facility’s medical director.    As […]

Dr. Bryan White, MD

Dr. Bryan White, MD Instituted a Dosage Reduction Protocol for Antidepressant Administration in Nursing Home Patients

For decades, Dr. Bryan White, MD has helped various medical facilities reform and find alternative solutions that ensure all patients receive care with minimal risks. Helping reform medication dosages in nursing homes, he has instituted a reduction protocol that keeps antidepressant administration in check in elderly patients.    Dr. Bryan White, MD is a medical […]

Dr. Bryan White, MD Encourages Dosage Reduction Protocol for Antipsychotic Medications in Dementia Patients

Dr. Bryan White, MD is a practicing Internist in Dallas, TX who encourages reform and upgraded technologies to improve both physicians’ and patients’ experiences. Dr. White presented a dosage reduction protocol for antipsychotic medications in dementia patients to the Texas Medical Foundation open forum. For decades, Dr. Bryan White, MD has championed better medical care and improved […]